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How To Easily Land Your First UGC Brand Deal Using My Proven 8-Week Strategy WITHOUT any prior experience and working less than 10 hours a week

I get it…you feel stuck.

You probably…

I know because I’ve been there. And it sucked.

Luckily, I discovered the UGC strategy that set me free from that lifestyle.

A strategy that has allowed me to make $4,000+ every month, working less than 15 hours/week. And I get to travel the work with my boyfriend and my dog while I do it.

When I landed my first paid brand deal and had less than 5,000 followers on Instagram I realized…


It doesn’t matter if…

Because I’ve developed a proven strategy for ANYONE to land their first paid UGC deal in under 8 weeks.

But first…

What Is UGC And Why Is It Important?

User-generated content, or UGC, is when brands pay creators to make content for their own social media accounts and advertising campaigns.

I know what you’re thinking…

Maddy, don’t brands only give deals to creators with millions of followers?


Normal people like you and I are making thousands of dollars from it per month, because you don’t post the content to your own pages. You simply send it off to the brand and they use it for their own marketing purposes.

Meaning…no followers = no problem.

Why UGC Creators Are So Valuable And Why Brands Need Them

You might be wondering…

Why would a brand even need a small creator like me?

Brands love UGC because…

  • It’s minimal effort and cost on their part for a potentially large outcome

    • Think: they don’t have to pay some agency $10,000+ plus to film a commercial for them

  • You resonate with their ideal customer because you ARE their ideal customer

So how does it work?

The brand sends you their product for free, you create content for their marketing campaigns and social media, and then they PAY YOU for that content (anywhere from $150-$1,500 PER VIDEO, depending on how they’re using it)! I go over all of this in the course.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

What You’ll Be Able To Do After Mastering UGC Content…

I've made it my life mission to teach people how to take advantage of this new opportunity, because it changed my life.

Which is why I created…

My Proven 8-Week Roadmap To Landing Your First UGC Deal

What You’ll Learn After 8 Weeks:

How Does The Program Work?

Week 1: The Fundamentals

Learn what exactly makes a good UGC video and the best practices to turn your content into a money-printing machine. Get access to 25+ examples of real UGC videos that are killing it right now.

Week 2: Creating Your Portfolio

How to create a stand-out UGC portfolio that attracts high-paying brands.

Week 3: Setting Rates & Finding UGC Clients

I’ll show you how to create impossible-to-pass-up packages that make it easy for brands to say yes.

Weeks 4-7: Pitching & Landing UGC Deals

I’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to land your first UGC brand deal in less than 8 weeks using my proven strategies. I’ll give you all the elements of a “foolproof” pitch and a simple way to seal the deal.

Week 8: Long-Term Strategies

How to build connections that make brands work with you long-term so you can shift your focus from landing new deals every month to traveling the world and hanging out with your friends.

Bonus Weekly Challenges

I’ve created 6 built-in challenges throughout the course to keep you accountable and make it as simple as possible to land your first deal.

Community Of 100+ Members

Get access to a UGC community of others in the course that will…

Within 8 Weeks of Using The Strategies In This Course…

  • Emma landed a $1,200 deal for 1 video in her first month

  • Chelsea landed a deal with her favorite hiking pants brand

  • Jordan signed multiple 3-month contracts so she doesn’t have to worry about pitching while she’s traveling this spring

  • V increased her pitching from 10 to 50 brands per week, without getting burnt out

  • Ken landed a $550 deal for a product he gets to shoot content with while hiking and skiing

  • And SO many more wins from other students

So, are you ready to join them and start getting paid to create content, travel, and spend more time doing the things you love?

Great, I want that for you too.

See you inside the course

P.S. this is a paced course that will release new content every 7 days to keep you on track. You’ll have new challenges, or homework, to complete each week. This structure will help you stay organized and prevent you from skipping ahead to steps you’re not yet ready for! You should expect to spend 5-10 hours per week on the course materials and challenges.

Disclaimer: Landing your first UGC deal because of this course is ultimately determined by the quality of your work and how seriously you take this course. Results are likely, but not guaranteed.

Payment plan available! No refunds.


Make Today DAY ONE: Finally Become A UGC Creator!

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