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Flight Bookings, Car Rental, Train Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Internet Connection, Plumbing, Pest Control, Essential Services, Medical, Indian Local Businesses & Many More

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Market Call Or Offer Vault 

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Campaigns Available

  • Airlines Flight Booking
  • Car Rental(High Call Flow)
  • Spectrum & Comcast(High Call Flow)
  • Amtrack Trains(High Call Flow)
  • US Dental & Medical
  • Energy
  • Pest Control
  • Local Services
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What You Will Learn In This Course [ In-Detailed ]

  • Lession Overview: This course is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to effectively use pay-per-call advertising in conjunction with Google Ads, focusing on service-based businesses with high budgets and earning potentials. It explores strategies for managing high-volume call centers and identifies key sectors and risks involved along with affiliate opportunities

    Module 1: Businesses with the Highest Budgets

    1. Service-Based Businesses (Pay Per CallHigh budget Industries
      • Travel: Airlines, Car Rental, Trains, Hotels
      • Urgency-Based Services: Car Towing, Engine Breakdown, Pest Control, Plumbing, Cleaning
      • Indian Market-Specific Services: Diagnostic Labs, Imaging Centers, Towing, Utilities, Electricians, Doctors, Salons

    Module 2: High-Volume Call Centers With High Budgets

    1. Sectors with High Budgets and Earning Potential
      • Travel, Assistance, Internet Connection, Auto Insurance Renewal, Health Insurance Renewals, Solar Installations, Electricians, Lawn Care, Roofing, Dental
    2. Risk & Stay Away Segments [Scam Business]
      • Avoiding pitfalls in sectors such as PayPal, Coinbase, Zelle, Facebook Support, and other company support calls

    Module 3: Monetizing Skills and Attracting Clients

    1. How To Be A Publisher
      • Strategies to monetize your skills and expertise
    2. Attracting and Retaining Clients
      • Effective marketing and client management techniques for publishers

Lesson Overview: This chapter aims to provide a comprehensive guide on setting up and managing Google Ads accounts for pay-per-call campaigns, with a focus on ensuring compliance with Google’s policies and avoiding account suspensions. It also covers the nuances of working with clients and the verification processes for business operations.

Module 1: Documentation for Account Setup

  • Essential documents and information required for setting up a Google Ads account.
  • Steps to ensure accurate and complete account setup for pay-per-call campaigns.

Module 2: Important Documentation When Working with Clients

  • Key documents to collect and maintain when managing pay-per-call campaigns for clients.
  • Best practices for client communication and documentation management.

Module 3: Important Policies for Compliance

  • Overview of Google Ads policies relevant to pay-per-call advertising.
  • Detailed discussion on avoiding policy violations such as: a. Circumventing policies: Understanding and avoiding tactics that attempt to bypass Google’s ad review processes. b. Unacceptable business practices: Identifying practices that are prohibited and how to steer clear of them. c. Compromised sites: Ensuring your website’s security and integrity to avoid policy breaches. d. Phishing: Recognizing and preventing any form of deceptive practices aimed at personal information theft.

Module 4: Things to Follow to Avoid Account Suspension

  • Account Age: Understanding the significance of account age in Google Ads.
  • Payment Methods: Best practices for payment methods to maintain account health.

Module 5: Business Operations Verifications

  • Insights into the verification process for business operations.
  • Steps to ensure your business meets Google’s verification requirements.

Module 6: How to Appeal Successfully

  • Strategies for effectively appealing account suspensions or ad disapprovals.
  • Understanding the appeal process and how to present your case successfully.

Lesson Overview: This chapter is designed to provide detailed insights into the research process for creating successful pay-per-call campaigns. It covers essential aspects such as competitor analysis, keyword selection, website optimization, ad copy creation, and understanding customer preferences, along with a guide on the tools that can aid in these research efforts.

Module 1: Competitor Research

  • Techniques for analyzing competitors’ pay-per-call strategies.
  • Tools and methods to assess competitor ads, target audiences, and performance metrics.

Module 2: Keyword Research

  • Identifying effective keywords for pay-per-call campaigns.
  • Using keyword research tools to find high-converting and relevant keywords.

Module 3: Website Research

  • Analyzing website elements that impact pay-per-call campaign success.
  • Evaluating landing pages, call-to-action (CTA) placements, and user experience.

Module 4: Ad Copy Research

  • Crafting compelling ad copy for pay-per-call ads.
  • Analyzing successful ad copies and identifying key elements that drive calls.

Module 5: Customer Research

  • Understanding your target audience’s needs and behaviors.
  • Methods for gathering customer insights to tailor your pay-per-call campaigns.

Module 6: Various Tools for Research

  • Overview of tools available for competitor, keyword, website, ad copy, and customer research.
  • Recommendations for tools based on different research needs and budget considerations.

Lession Overview : This chapter provides in-depth guidance on developing and optimizing websites specifically for pay-per-call advertising campaigns. It emphasizes the importance of website design, content, and mobile optimization in gaining ad approvals and increasing lead generation, along with versatile website development approaches suitable for various industries.

Module 1: Website Development

  • Overview of the website development process for pay-per-call campaigns.
  • Key considerations in designing and building effective websites for generating calls.

Module 2: Importance of Website Development

  • Understanding the role of a well-designed website in successful pay-per-call advertising.
  • How website design impacts customer engagement and conversion rates.

Module 3: Important Things for Ads Approval

  • Essential website features and content required for Google Ads approval.
  • Compliance with Google Ads policies related to website content and user experience.

Module 4: Develop Once, Use It for Many Industries

  • Strategies for creating versatile websites that can cater to multiple industries.
  • Tips on designing adaptable and scalable website structures.

Module 5: Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

  • The importance of mobile optimization for landing pages in pay-per-call campaigns.
  • Best practices for creating mobile-friendly landing pages that drive calls.

Module 6: Content of Landing Pages

  • Key elements of effective landing page content for pay-per-call ads.
  • Guidelines for creating compelling and informative landing pages.

Module 7: Customer Points to Increase Lead Generation

  • Identifying and implementing customer-centric strategies to boost lead generation.
  • Techniques for enhancing the user experience to encourage more calls.
  • Lession Overview: This chapter provides a detailed walkthrough of the entire process of setting up and optimizing pay-per-call campaigns in Google Ads. It covers everything from keyword research and audience targeting to selecting the right type of ads and detailed strategies for responsive search ads and call-only ads. The focus is on achieving lower costs, stable call flow, and increased lead generation.

    Module 1: Keyword Research

    • Advanced techniques for finding high-converting keywords for pay-per-call campaigns.
    • Tools and strategies to identify keywords that drive quality calls.

    Module 2: Audience Filtration

    • Methods to filter and target the right audience for your pay-per-call ads.
    • Tips on refining audience segments to increase campaign effectiveness.

    Module 3: Campaign Setup

    • Step-by-step guide to setting up pay-per-call campaigns in Google Ads.
    • Best practices for campaign structure, targeting options, and budget allocation.

    Module 4: How to Pick the Right Goal

    • Understanding different campaign goals and selecting the most suitable one for your pay-per-call ads.
    • Aligning campaign goals with business objectives and target audience.

    Module 5: Picking the Right Type of Ads

    • Overview of different ad types and how to choose the best one for your campaign.

    Responsive Search Ads (Detailed Setup) – Creating and optimizing responsive search ads for pay-per-call campaigns. – Detailed instructions on setting up and tweaking responsive search ads.

    Conversion Setup – Setting up conversion tracking for pay-per-call ads. – Understanding the importance of conversion data in campaign optimization.

    Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Utilizing dynamic keyword insertion to improve ad relevance and performance. – Techniques for effectively implementing dynamic keyword insertion.

    Manual Bidding – Understanding when and how to use manual bidding for better campaign control. – Tips for setting and adjusting bids to maximize campaign results.

    Optimization (Lower Cost, More Leads) – Strategies to optimize campaigns for lower costs and higher lead generation. – Techniques for continuous improvement and performance analysis.

    Call Only Ads (Detailed Setup) – Comprehensive guide to setting up and managing call-only ads. – Key considerations for designing effective call-only ad campaigns optimization for Lower Call Cost, Stable Call Flow & More Leads

  • Lesson Overview:This chapter aims to provide detailed insights into acquiring clients for pay-per-call advertising services. It covers a range of topics from building a strong portfolio to utilizing various digital marketing strategies and platforms for client acquisition. The focus is on practical and effective methods to attract, engage, and retain clients in the pay-per-call advertising industry.

    Module 1: Building Up a Portfolio

    • Developing a comprehensive portfolio to showcase your pay-per-call advertising expertise.
    • Including detailed case studies, campaign results, and client feedback.

    Module 2: Results, Testimonials, and Certifications

    • Gathering and showcasing client testimonials and campaign results to establish credibility.
    • Highlighting relevant certifications and trainings in pay-per-call advertising.

    Module 3: Outreach Methods

    • Effective techniques for client outreach and acquisition.
    • Google My Business (GMB) and Website – Utilizing Google My Business and your professional website for outreach. – Optimizing online presence to enhance visibility and credibility.

    Module 4: Organic Lead Generation

    • Strategies for generating leads organically through SEO and YouTube.
    • Creating valuable content to attract and engage potential clients.

    Module 5: Sponsored Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

    • Employing Facebook Ads for targeted lead generation.
    • Crafting compelling ad campaigns to attract the right clientele.

    Module 6: Facebook Groups

    • Leveraging Facebook Groups as a networking and client acquisition tool.
    • Best practices for active participation and demonstrating expertise in relevant groups.

    Module 7: Becoming a Publisher & Affiliate

    • Exploring the roles of a publisher and affiliate in the pay-per-call market.
    • Using publishing and affiliate marketing to broaden client reach.

    Module 8: Selling Calls

    • Strategies for selling calls to businesses interested in pay-per-call advertising.
    • Utilizing platforms like MarketCall and OfferVault for selling and managing calls.

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