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9 Modules With Practical Approach [ In-Detailed ]

  • 1.1 Requirements for Google Ads:

    • Understand the prerequisites for setting up a Google Ads account, including necessary information and resources.

    1.2 Google Ads Account Setup:

    • Step-by-step guide to creating your Google Ads account.
      • Billing: Setting up billing information and managing payments.
      • Verifications: Verifying your account to ensure smooth operations.
      • Payment Profile: Creating and managing your payment profile.

    1.3 How to Get Free Ad Credits:

    • Discover ways to obtain free ad credits to kickstart your campaigns.

    1.4 Google Ads Account Structure:

    • Learn the hierarchy of Google Ads accounts and how to organize your campaigns for optimal management.

    1.5 Individual Account vs. Manager Account:

    • Differences and benefits of individual accounts versus manager accounts, and when to use each.

    1.6 Partner Program:

    • Overview of the Google Partners Program and its advantages for professionals and agencies.

    1.7 Google Ads Important Policies (Avoid Any Suspension):

    • Key policies to follow to avoid account suspension and maintain compliance with Google Ads terms.

    1.8 Google Ads Tools (Introduction):

    • Introduction to essential Google Ads tools for campaign management and optimization.

    1.9 Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup:

    • Step-by-step guide to setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads to measure campaign success.

    1.10 Google Analytics Linking with Google Ads:

    • How to link Google Analytics with Google Ads for better tracking and insights.

    1.11 Google Tag Manager Linking with Google Ads:

    • Linking Google Tag Manager with Google Ads for streamlined tag management and advanced tracking.

    1.12 Google My Business Linking with Google Ads:

    • Connecting Google My Business with Google Ads to enhance local advertising efforts.

    1.13 YouTube Linking with Google Ads:

    • How to link your YouTube account with Google Ads for effective video ad campaigns.

2.1 Manual Research (Google Ads Transparency Center):

  • Using the Google Ads Transparency Center for manual competitor research and gaining insights.

2.2 Keyword Research (Keyword Planner Tool Advance):

  • Advanced techniques for keyword research using the Keyword Planner tool to find the best keywords.

2.3 Landing Page Development & Research:

  • Best practices for developing and researching effective landing pages to boost conversions.

2.4 AI-Assisted Research:

  • Leveraging AI tools for enhanced competitor and keyword research to stay ahead of the competition.

2.5 Budget Planner:

  • Planning and allocating your budget for maximum campaign effectiveness and ROI.

2.6 Pre A/B Testing:

  • Preparing for A/B testing to optimize ad performance and make data-driven decisions.

2.7 Assets Planning:

  • Planning and managing your creative assets for campaigns to ensure they align with your goals.

3.1 Responsive Search Ads:

  • Creating and optimizing responsive search ads for better engagement and performance.

3.2 Call Only Ads:

  • Setting up call-only ads to drive phone calls to your business directly from search results.

3.3 Video Ads:

  • Creating effective video ads for YouTube and other platforms to reach a broader audience.

3.4 YouTube Promotions Beta (For Subscribers):

  • Promoting your YouTube channel and gaining subscribers with YouTube promotions.

3.5 Performance Max Campaigns:

  • Setting up and optimizing Performance Max campaigns to achieve your marketing objectives.

3.6 GMB Ads, Smart Campaigns:

  • Utilizing Google My Business ads and smart campaigns for effective local advertising.

3.7 Demand Gen Campaigns:

  • Setting up demand generation campaigns to create interest and drive leads for your products/services.

3.8 Display Campaigns:

  • Creating display campaigns to reach a wider audience across the web with visual ads.

3.9 App Install Campaigns:

  • Promoting app installs with targeted campaigns to increase user acquisition.

3.10 Custom Campaigns:

  • Designing custom campaigns tailored to specific business goals and target audiences.

4.1 Maximize Conversions:

  • Strategy for maximizing conversions within your budget to achieve the best results.

4.2 Maximize Clicks:

  • Bidding strategy to get the most clicks for your ads, driving more traffic to your site.

4.3 Maximize Conversion Value:

  • Focus on maximizing the total conversion value from your ads to increase revenue.

4.4 Target Impression Share:

  • Ensuring your ads achieve a certain impression share to maintain visibility.

4.5 Manual CPC:

  • Setting manual cost-per-click bids for more control over your budget and performance.

4.6 Advanced Bid Adjustments:

  • Using advanced bid adjustments to optimize ad performance based on various factors.
  • 5.1 All Types of Assets & Their Uses:

    • Overview of different types of ad assets (text, image, video) and their specific uses.

    5.2 Audience Segments & Targeting:

    • Understanding and targeting different audience segments for more effective ads.

    5.3 Advanced Location Targeting:

    • Techniques for advanced location targeting to reach the right audience geographically.

    5.4 Placements Options:

    • Exploring different placement options for your ads to maximize reach and engagement.
  • 6.1 Keyword Optimization:

    • Techniques for optimizing keywords to improve ad relevance and performance.

    6.2 Landing Page Optimization:

    • Best practices for optimizing landing pages to increase conversions and user experience.

    6.3 Campaign Optimization:

    • Strategies for optimizing campaigns to enhance performance and achieve better results.

    6.4 Account Optimization:

    • Comprehensive methods for optimizing your entire Google Ads account for sustained success.
  • 7.1 All Types of Conversion Goals:

    • Understanding and setting different types of conversion goals to measure and improve campaign effectiveness.
  • 8.1 Reporting & Data Interpretation with Tools:

    • Utilizing reporting tools to interpret data and make informed decisions for future campaigns.
  • 9.1 How to Get Clients for Google Ads:

    • Strategies for acquiring clients and building a successful Google Ads management business.

    9.2 How to Get Google Ads Internship:

    • Tips for landing internships in Google Ads to gain practical experience and enhance your career.

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