Celebrating  Gandhi Jayanti  in remote in 2021

Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti in remote in 2021

Why Gandhi Jayanti going  different in 2021

Celebrating it in remote way the new way

Gandhi played a big role in India's freedom struggle. He also inspired many Indians during his lifetime. Even today, his life, values, and his expansive literary output have made an enormous influence on people in our country and also around the world. Use the day as a chance to form Gandhi wake up for your children.

How we were celebrating Gandhi Jayanti before covid-19

1. Dress like Gandhi Ji

2. Spending time in a museum

5. Talk about the 'Three Wise Monkeys'


And now we are REMOTE celebrating Gandhi Jayanti 2021 in covid-19


The day itself starts as a normal Sunday with no excitement as we all have our work from systems and pending office hours. but here in onlinesyndrome, we have 24-hour work culture as all of our team members are using their dashboards to perform work. and during the daytime, we post good stories about Mahatma Gandhi on our social media channels.

And in onlinesyndrome, we had a small meeting on Mahatma Gandhi that is the Biggest Change in Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti in 2021 I would say it remote Gandhi Jayanti 2021


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